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Evaluation, Participant Questions, and Discussion of the results - V.O.D.

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In the second part of his two-day presentation, Stephan A. Schwartz was discussing the Remote Viewing experience that occurred on the first day ( 06.10.2012.).

However this event is now only a reply of the live discussion, you can still learn and enjoy from the participants question's. In this informal discussion Stephan A. Schwartz accompanied by Ibolya Kapta a friend and assistant lead the audience into a deeper understanding how information appears visually in the non-local. In this show, Stephan was available on SKYPE and some participants from the previous Remote Viewing Experiment was able to speak directly with him in a Live seesion.

This discussion is part of the complete package with Stephan A. Schwartz

You can purchase The remote Viewing Experiment + The Beingness Doctrine + The Insider's Discussion for only $ 8.99

Stimulated by his own experiences Stephan began to study how individuals and small groups have actually changed history for the good. The principals of personal change Stephan described in the first session, including the processes of opening to nonlocal consciousness you experienced through remote viewing, when expressed at the social level, empower people to change their world for the better.

Stephan Schwartz gives an insight to the world of remote viewing and non-local consciousness.

In this presentation you will have the opportunity to experience an aspect of your consciousness not limited by space or time. Learn about how can you experience a reality beyond your ordinary perceptions!

Recommended subject: The Beingness Strategy

In The Beingness Strategy, and the Eight Laws of Social Transformation, Stephan discusses, and gives you tools to change your world.

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